Bengals Report Card vs. Broncos

Bengals Report Card vs. Broncos 

Posted: 1:13 pm Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

By John Boyle

Maybe it’s the Scrooge in me as we close in on Christmas, but I only handed out one A in the Bengals’ 37-28 win against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football.

Rushing Offense: B+

While putting up 207 rushing yards against the league’s No. 1-ranked run defense looks outstanding at first glimpse, it was actually a little more grind than gash. Take away Jeremy Hill’s 85-yard touchdown – which was the fifth-longest run in franchise history – and the Bengals had 122 yards on 36 rushes for a more pedestrian 3.9 average. Hill had 22 yards on his other nine carries in the first half as there were a lot of negative- or no-yard rushes that put the offense off schedule. And Hill’s fumble on first and goal could have been a lethal mistake had the defense not saved the day. Still, it was an overwhelmingly strong performance overall.

Passing Offense: C

The Bengals almost looked like they were playing scared in the passing game, rarely throwing anything

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